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So I messed up the playermodel.
So tried to make a playermodel. Blender went well, but I messed something up when I was compiling or something. Instead of showing Chef Coach, I ended up with and untextured version of Timbleweeb's Starwolf which is what I used to get the skeleton to rig the Chef Coach ragdoll. RIP me.
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A normal day
Just trying to make my way in L4D2. This is also an old clip I found on my PC. I only just found out where my clips go, don't question me...
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This definitely isn't a video that was uploaded to notify you about my Discord channel.
This definitely isn't the link. https://discord.gg/akHVcM2
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A normal day except actually Coach edited it.
I kept a promise and finally decided to edit a video for you. I needed to find a substitute for Premiere so I used Shotcut. This is my first edit using this software and I'm quite pleased with myself. This is a little something I made, it's not amazing but it may fuel your hunger for L4D or memes.
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