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| -¤- ~ Book of Truth ~ -¤- | Chapter 1 (Part 1/2) - The Life Force
Greeeetings...'ssss'! In this chapter I am adressing the following questions: 1. What is the Life Force? 2. What is Kundalini? 3. Why is the serpent relevant? Watch the Part 2 for a complete insight on the whole chapter. May the Truth be with you!
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| -¤- ~ Book of Truth ~ -¤- | Chapter 1 (Part 2/2) - The Life Force
Back at it with the final part of Chapter 1; The Life Force. I will upload a video of actual footage of Kundalini-trance; which is people experiencing the altered state of N'um. Stay updated for more spiritual knowledge! More chapters to come, school homework is slowing me down. May the Truth be with you! Spirit, Light and Love. Blessings!
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