Videos uploaded by user “pokemonmaster09137 and awesomecool884” for the 2019
roblox Swordburst 2:trying to get a legendary in floor 9(late upload)
hey guys sorry I had to upload this late and that the video was ends it early again but it wasn't me that ended it like always I was clicking the chat then the resolution changed that made the video end and I been trying to get a legendary for days but lately I been dying by players and other reasons so I haven't tried to play much days to obtain it but I did get stronger than last time and u did see me got a new holy knight armor after I traded my other one anyway I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll seeya next time
roblox Undertale Monster Mania (Alpha):playing as frisk posssed or genocidale frisk 70 sub special
hey guys before I go to church today I decided to do this quick sub video and the reason why I stop one of my chats which I explain in this video is that I thought the other guy was trying to get the gun but he might've wanted the exp or money anyway hope u enjoyed the 70 sub special
roblox Undertale Monster Mania: trying to prepare for chara
hey guys since Im not sure that if I get legendary heroes with the max amount to take down the pink cool duel (if that's the name) I decided to prepare for chara so I can atleast get the soul of determination fragment to add it to my souls even though I wont probably be needing it anyway I hope u guys enjoy and seeya next time
roblox Murder Mystery 2: hanging out with dorkiu again
hey guys sorry I couldn't record yesterday i couldn't play a game cause it said i had to update so i got bored and decided to record today and on a second note i finally got a nice new bed that's not a bunk bed (not sure if i spelled bunk right)
roblox swordburst 2: trying to train with si and death_lord (who somehow surpassed me)
hey guys im recorded again because i wanted to show u my other friend death lord and the reason i asked about his master was because when i tried to ask how did u become stronger i mistakenly said how did u get that weapon and so i was curious of who they we're so i asked
roblox Pokemon City Adventures: trying to train more for the next gym
hey guys please don't judge I know my pokemon's levels are lower than what they should be but please try to judge me I tried the best I could and I didn't have the patience to be able to train them somehow anyway hope u enjoy this video
roblox Undertale AU RPG(HP FIX):GIANT PEOPLE
hey guys im trying to get the time and effort to record a kingdom hearts 3 final boss battle but not only my new bed takes up space but i need a second table to play it and i will try to record it when i do it and also sorry for the short disconnected video i tried to finish gaster but it suddenly closed on me anyway hope u enjoy
roblox murder mystery 2:dealing with a scumbag and new update of drivers school
hey guys I finally finished the work part of my drivers school to pass now I need to do driving but I don't know when its gonna happen so I will be ready for that and I will seeya later bye now
roblox [NEW CITY] ALfheim Online Alpha: im back from cruise
hey guys sorry it took so long with the cruise I had to play another day since it didn't let me from the day I came back and I thought I could play this or swordblox online but for some reason sword blox wont let me go on fields and fight monster and get to menu for some reason so please tell me in the comments below and also for if I did the 75 sub special yet please say in comments below as well anyway hope u enjoyed bye
roblox Murder Mystery 2: with mighty eagle part 1
hey guys I finally found one of my friends online after such a long time and I was happy to see her anyway hope u enjoy
roblox Swordburst 2:good friday and trying to get legendary and a talk about drivers school
hey guys im here in good Friday and i decided to record my videos in this game close to the boss when im spamming for it cause the video might end early and u might wanna see more of the fight in the video so i did that and i passed my first driving test but i couldn't get a temporally drivers license cause of difficulties today so yeah i hope u enjoyed and seeya next time
roblox Undertale Monster Mania (Alpha): temmie shop became seperate for some reason
hey guys i don't know why the temmie shop was divided i guess they were having some technical difficulty with the shop so i guess their using separate shops until they can get it to one shop again anyway sorry for the connection loss in this video at the end hope u enjoy
roblox Undertale | The Fight Of The Monsters
hey guys sorry for the late video I forgot to record when I was playing another game yesterday and I might try to set up the recording for video games in my room if I cant get myself to do that and I will try to find a way to record from the xbox itself so I might not have to do it if its possible anyway I hoped u enjoyed and thx for watching
roblox Hero Academy Tempest [ALPHA]: training pepper (late upload)
hey guys sorry I forgot to upload this yesterday anyway hope u enjoy
roblox 🌸Samurai Palace🌸 Dungeon Quest!:desert temple medium (Hardcore mode first time doing it)
hey guys this is my first time doing hardcore mode in this game even tho I haven't been playing it much but its like sb but u can sell ur items to cpu's I don't remember if u can trade items or money but u can get stronger more easier and do a lot of damage anyway hope u enjoy seeya
roblox murder mystery 2: just playing for fun
hey guys im here and im gonna be playing for fun and not try to get competitive (even tho im not sure if I had before in this game) but anyway enjoy
roblox Swordburst 2: dealing with a roblox hacker part 1
hey guys im back again today and I might upload more than once a day but also me and pepper have a problem with two hackers u have to see the second part to see it
roblox Swordburst 2: making pepper proud and truth of the legendary weapon drop on f9 and 10
hey guys as I attempt to get my own legendary weapon again I learned it takes 30 hours to get a legendary weapon in floor 9 and 5 hours in floor 10 I know quite a shocker right anyway I hope u enjoy and I hope ur having a good summer bye
roblox Murder Mystery 2: featuring unicornpup
hey guys sorry for the late upload I totally forgot anyway my fault
roblox Pokemon City Adventures:getting the 5th gym badge
hey guys sorry my recording got cut off but im now doing the second part of it so i hope u enjoy the video
roblox Zombie Rush:argument between me vs ace
hey guys im back in zombie rush and I been having a argument with ace my roblox sister (not real sister) pepper's friend
roblox swordburst 2:surprising news and a new sheild from wednesday
hey guys its me turns out my cruise is on sunday morning and someone name emerald and im not sure if it was emerald girl in this sever that gave me it helped me get the shield for free from 8th floor so that was sweet of them and its kinda a shame they didn't fix floor 9ths boss yet but atleast they fixed 8 anyway hope u enjoyed and bye
roblox Swordburst 2:getting legendary and having a talk about drivers school
hey guys u might be wondering why I didn't train this week well that's because this week expect today and other Fridays unless I have to make up work for the next 3 weeks I have to go to drivers school at 6:30 to friendswood and I come back at 8:30 so I don't really have the time to play roblox at all anyway I think why I didn't get vel was because of the hack which I thought it was a glicth until someone told me that I realize after the video apparently some hackers were the cause for the max damage glitch which what I been told was to make us give up or get the damage while making it glitch was why the bosses was acting up this whole time anyway hope u enjoyed goodbye
roblox Undertale AU RPG(1M Visits! + x4 Reward! + Chaos: trying to get my skills back
hey guys I im back to playing this game and im not as good as usual for some reason and im sorry that the video ended the way it did I was tricked to thinking there was an actual powerful boss from secret place I was glitched to so I can get someone else to finish it when I attacked it but it was a teleporter to another game anyway I hope u enjoyed
roblox swordburst 2:rude seller story (in the desc)
hey guys so 2 days ago I tried to buy from someone after searching and searching for getting a max council to buy it for the cost of 1mil and from my surprise it was enhanced all the way to 15 but the guy wouldn't take the actually price like im calm about it now but it kinda made me mad anyway hope u enjoy this video bye
roblox Pokemon City Adventures:i been mostly sick this week
hey guys sorry for the late video I tried upload this yesterday but it was not letting me play from it saying I need to update it after it did update itself while loading and I felt better Friday and I had to not go to school for most of the time this week and yes I was desperate to use the code pokemon to help me on my adventures
roblox Swordburst 2: dealing with a roblox hacker part 2
hey guys the new hacker came and yes its short sorry i just felt like there wasnt a need to keep recording it so anyway i hope u enjoyed part 1 and 2 and have a nice day
roblox sword burst 2: trying to get more stronger(leaving to cruise next week)
hey guys im gonna go to the carnival cruise next week so I just wanted you to know and I wasn't sure if I was going on Friday cause my mom didn't answer or any other adult that has been giving me updates about something until the last second but I hope you guys enjoy and I just wanted u to know bye
roblox Murder Mystery 2: with mighty eagle part 2 me vs eagle
hey guys I finally found one of my friends online after such a long time and I was happy to see her anyway hope u enjoy