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roblox Undertale AU RPG (BLACK FRIDAY!):fighting xtale gaster(and no its not record yesterday)
hey guys I just finished recording a video which I didn't know they changed the name where I solo xtale gaster for training in my vip sever
roblox Undertale AUs RPG: post meeting the creator soloing cross sans
hey guys the post meeting the creator is finally here and thank you for being patient with me I hope u like and enjoy these videos
roblox [FIX] Dragon Ball Legendary Powers 2: trying to find a way to train against whis
hey guys I been think to first train myself before finally doing a dragon ball game recording to show I have been now playing dragon ball on roblox again lately anyway im still trying to find a way to train for whis anyway seeya later and sorry I wasn't able to record Friday
roblox Undertale Monster Mania:(tomorrows my birthday) getting temmie armor
hey guys I couldn't record this tomorrow on my birthday because I have busy things to do for my birthday which for me disappointing but I am happy to show you what I got today and I hope u enjoyed this video and please consider sharing or subscribing if u want oh and yes I don't have obc anymore
roblox FIELD of BATTLE: fighting a demon in pro for the first time
hey guys i finally fight a demon after mouths since i last battled one and its on a pro sever and i wanted to show u cause from how happy i was anyway i hope u enjoyed seeya
roblox Undertale AUs RPG: part 1 exp mazes
hey guys I haven't been recording lately cause my eye hasn't been feeling good so I did some videos yesterday so I hope you enjoy
(important message in desc)roblox pokemon indigo 5th badge
hey guys I finally got myself to play this again today after having six badges on the other game so I thought why not do a video of me vs koga and this was uploaded today I promise anyway I got my workout schedule changed to different days for some reason so I will be able to upload more often now
roblox digimon aurity ulveeforcemon (me) vs onmimon zwart (boss)
hey guys I know its been awhile since I played this game but I will be playing this more often so don't worry about that and I also decided to record right now so early after the day of my last recording cause I was so excided to get to this level and I was like eh what the heck but do keep in mind I already got the agumon egg before this video
roblox undertale au's rpg:60 sub special part 1
hey guys I recorded these sunday and I kinda tried from stuff going on in my life that im dealing with u can tell cause I didn't upload the day I recorded or put any caps to what its called like how they spell it in the game anyway I hope u enjoy and sorry their isn't any desc in the other videos
roblox undertale AUs RPG: meeting the creator and nearly soloed error part 1
hey guys im recorded three videos yesterday and I feel to lazy to do all three of them so I will do one for each day in the 3 day weekend so I hope you all enjoy the videos
roblox Undertale survive the monsters part 2
hey guys this is second part and i won against the undyne in that last turn and i tried to show u my sans monster before i used flowey but because of my lag i couldn't stop from going to the morph box (sorry if i cant explain it right im not feeling like myself lately i feel like im losing myself) (these were recorded hours ago but had to go somewhere and wifi problems)
roblox Undertale AUs RPG: part 2 perparing for undyne
hey guys I haven't been recording lately cause my eye hasn't been feeling good so I did some videos yesterday so I hope you enjoy
roblox swordburst 2 (how to get scrolls)
hey guys I was just recording when sam told me how to get scrolls and the reason why I rage attack white and the other guy (cant remember his roblox name) is cause the less people attack the boss the more chance u get drops
roblox pokemon indigo:reclaiming the from the orginal pokemon project
hey guys I finally defeated the abraxus and with the pokedollars given to me I decided to use it to buy full restores and revives and it turns out when I tried to battle the abraxus again when I forgot I beated him it turns out you can actually battle him again but anyway after I recorded this earlier ago I fought and one against all but didn't tried yet defeated the strange colored people but the one in viridian cause im raising meloetta still and I don't wanna risk that yet and I need more full restores
roblox pokemon legends 2 (new boss necrozma )
hey guys im here to show u necrozma in and how to get dratini and if your wondering why the reason why I followed foxy even tho he tried to use an admin code to fly is because he actually helped me how to get it so I had to show my appreciation (did I auto correct the right word) for that I had to follow him and that's why I showed where dratini is but im sorry I didn't have time to show necrozma editable moveset cause I was kinda trying to level up it up and trying to get 100 cells so anyway enjoy this video
hey im back to playing a game besides pokemon on roblox and I am training to someday get the highest transformations and im sorry if some of the testes we're lagged or glitched or even messed up they're pop ups that did that and it mess me up and I got mad a little as well and it stopped recording when I was gonna do it when I finish my stat updates apparently how convenient anyway I hope u enjoy and if I get enough time I will try to do a game video for 55 subs
roblox Undertale AUs RPG: part 3 perparing for asgore
hey guys I haven't been recording lately cause my eye hasn't been feeling good so I did some videos yesterday so I hope you enjoy
roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze: getting the first badge again part 1
hey guys i am forced to make a two part of this cause this recording somehow cut off on its own and to learn a little more about this remake of this game compared to the others please watch this until i stop finish chatting a few times
Digimon opening part 5
Sorry I can't do all of it not enough file
roblox Zombie Rush:return of the tale of pokemonmaster09137 and the zombies
hey guys its me and yes I was one of the 6 people in the group that played this and yet only two of us play roblox or are not our friends anymore in roblox and I hope u enjoyed this video and I will see u next time
roblox zombie rush ( two days late sorry)
hey sorry for the late video i forgot to refresh twice and sorry its short i lost connections
roblox pokemon fighters ex mega garchomp and mega tyranitar and expert badge part 2
hey guys sorry again i had to upload another one and i had to get it recording cause it somehow stopped in the other recording but i finally got it and im sorry if i said in the other desc that it explains the badge on this one and not on the other one but this does explain about the new badges u can get since when i was away from it from awhile and the badge message is if ur watching part 2 before one and anyway we show tyranitar on this one and my current movesets from the level its currently in so enjoy and have a good day
roblox pokemon fighter ex episode 2
this is my third video in roblox
Digimon opening part 2
All in the same night hey Digimon hey Digimon boys & girls...
roblox digimon (getting closer for ancientgreymon)
hey sorry guys i had alot of stuff happening so im sorry this is late and just know if im not recording its something up like doctors and stuff like that
the legend of Zelda dlc 2 Revali
hey guys this is pokemonmaster giving you the second trial of the ex champions
roblox avatar the last airbender mastering all elements part 1
hey guys this is where I start my mastering of the elements
roblox digimon aurity sorry i took to long to get a new video
so I'm sorry I made you wait this long I have no idea what I'm going to do yet but check out my new Microsoft name [email protected]
roblox pokemon fighters ex (its good to be back) *35 sub special*
hey guys i finally got myself to playing this again and i hope u enjoy
roblox playing 12 pokemon fighters ex
hey guys im gonna show u the event of this weekend the exp x2
roblox undertale survive all monsters error sans part 1/2
hey guys sorry i could't record yesterday my body was tied since i sit in the car after i was in church for the store in ... well i forgot but we also had to wait in the car still for mobs pizza anyway heres a video eariler today
roblox star wars galactic conquest
sorry that its short and late we have some weather in houston latley it even snowed for hours even last night
Digimon opening part 3
Hey digimon hey digimon boys & girls to the digital world
roblox Prison Life v2.0.2:collab with galaxylover (sorry i couldnt different game)
hey guys sorry I couldn't do a different get than roblox I couldn't get myself to do it I did plan on doing a star wars the force unleashed game but I just couldn't somehow anyway I hope u enjoy the video and I will try to do the star wars game another time
hey im back roblox (cuphead rp)
hey guys my caretaker or nanny my roblox friend puffythegemstone from last video a good friend of mine said anyway she was in a hostpital for two days like i figure how long thats why i wasnt on it happen tuseday after i left i even ask if she was and she said yes
roblox pokemon fighter ex
this is my second roblox video
roblox FIELD of BATTLE
hey guys in this election day I decided to celebrate by playing this game and also I hope Obama is doing alright ever since he stop being president
roblox part 17 cops vs robbers all arrest
guys im so exicted to post a game i havent played in a while
halloween special roblox playing 18 part 1
hey guys this is my hallowen special event sorry for my miss dated
undertale 3d boss fights (30 sub special) part 2
hey there folks i finally did a undertale video on roblox and with the encouragment of my friend bbrrkk and this is good for undertale fans as well so enjoy
roblox indigo (yes they just changed the name for some reason)
hey guys before I took my break from my everyday roblox games and youtube videos I been training my pokemon to fight red, the rematched gym leaders, and the elite four and the champion. so now im just gonna show you how to get to a hidden place that you can get if u beat a cpu with level 95 or above pokemon (trust me you need to use that level of pokemon) anyways make sure u use the saffon city's ev training like I have to train you pokemon in all stats including exp like I did or just exp so you can fight red the elite four and the guy who u have to defeat
roblox playing 14.2 pokemon fighters ex
hey guys were finnaly gonna unlock all basic unknowns in event day 2
roblox playing 13.5 pokemon fighters ex
hey guys dorry about the cancel rest of the other one again my bad and i was to late for the next real battle of this other part
roblox craftwars (this is what happen after helping someone kill herclues and killing two boss'es)
hey guys more different videos will come soon and yes i finally got potion from the code cause someone i helped out yesterday said the code but i forgot got it but i think u can find online enjoy
roblox craftwars
hey this is my second time playing craftwars my friend landon or now iforgotpw showed me from yesterday and i couldn't record because i had to go to my caretaker's appointment again!
(40 sub special) roblox cops and robbers *sorry for the lag*
hey guys I been noticing I have 40 subs now and I like to share this video of and old fun game called cops and robbers and sorry I had to use my laggy computer to do it
roblox jailbreak
hey guys this was supposed to be recorded yesterday but somehow my tub wouldn't let me so I had to do it today and also I was trying to do catalog heaven instead of one of the same games but somehow it didn't let me load fast enough and the weapons to choose wouldn't let me see them all any time fast so I had to go with this anyways I hope u guy understand and enjoy this

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