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Solo - meme (read desc)
Where did this come from? When did I improve? Well I improved never.. but This is sincerely a thing that I'm not much proud of, because I rushed it a lot.. What can I say? It's flipaclip.. Also The stuff that are on the video: Audio: not mine Character: mine (pokiyo kana) Am I a weeb? Yes Is this good? Can't tell me that one yet. Hotel? Trivago.
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ABC meme (contains edgyness, funny and criengyness)
Yep like the titel said it contains edge its funny And is cringey at This was quite fun to make! I got some experience from other animators and made this I hope I get some likes and comments... This took me like maybe 10/11 minutes and sorry if its not colored neither animated... U can put me in a cringe comp but tell the ppl that do cringe comp my name becuz I have alot of cringy things...
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HoI yo
This is for paintedbleu yes her soooo :V I know Halloween passed but... I wanted to make another drawing of paintedbleu (witch edition) sooo don't mind me! *Opens exit door and leaves*
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Killing mayonnaise loves sans
Ok so.... Don't judge me about this but.... She, is, a, FANGIRL I tell y'all a fangirl!!! Thats all :P sorry if killer stickman seemed like a perv but... He actually like mayonnaise ;P and don't send me to the dab police PLEASE!! ILL GIVE U ALL MY KIFE SAVINGS BUT PLEASE DONT DO IIIIIT!!!!
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Killing koodie ( read desc!)
Yep, a good killer stickman helped me kill that koodie b**** cuz she said that ponies are stupid and the stickman got offended too... But... But!... Don't harras this girl I just did it to show her that people are on ponies side to! Like me 😸
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Oh meme (undertale)
This got 1k views!? I am.. amazed, very amazed
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It burns!  Burns! Burns!
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I made this because it has been a long time, so now here you go, hope you appreciate it.
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Flour Sack and Ball
Esta es mi animación de dibujos animados hecha con #flipaclip
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Ish.. denero..
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Colorfull flour sack ball
Y made this couse it was cool bye
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Dont stop meme WARNING!!!!!!!!!! (kinda gay........)
This is what ive made and it looks cute but y think is trash y hope they put me on a cringe compilation cuse u know it looks like trash it actually does but anyway hope u like it!!!! Bye
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Oh don't do it omg (animation meme???)
Ye so hmm I don't like it that much but pls let me now if u liked it in the comments down below and I press that like button and subscribe plssssssss OK that's all byeee!!
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Tangled up meme (remake)
I wanted to make a little upgrade of my living life so I decide to make a remake version of that OLD IDIOTIC STYLE I had so hope you enjoy and can keep supporting me. I will make other remakes but that's when I don't feel lazy. I did this meme of a little remake because I know it's old. But why not? It's almost the end of the year and I haven't done ANYTHING! So wynaut? If you read all of it then type catcorn on the comments! Thank you~
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