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Announcement |Gacha life |
That’s for all the support Credit to the original creator of the song! (Dan Salvato/Team Salvato )
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Announcement!! | Gachalife |
Go subscribe to XxStar~ChanxX she is amazing and what she does
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My life | Gachaverse Movie|  Part:1
Hello and welcome to my you tube channel were I’ll be making skits with Gacha verse , gacha life , gacha studio, Etc.. This is a 2 maybe 3 part series because it has gotten to long
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My life |Gacha life| Part:2
Hello everyone I’m sorry this is taking to long to create I wanna have the bast content for you guys and I’ve been stuck for a wile now but thx to XxStar~ChanxX she’s been helping me get ideas so shout out to her and congratulations for getting 200+ subscribers that’s amazing I’m so happy for you ! _______________________________________________ Instagram: dagachaweeb ⬆️go follow me here I post daily photos staring meh (maybe other people ) _______________________________________________
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My life |Gacha life| part:3
Hay guys sorry I haven’t been posting a lot but then again I’m super busy so....yah umm .I’ll try to post every month (key word : TRY) put I can’t make any promises . I hope you guys understand stand ************************************************** Instagram: @dagachaweeb ......that’s it lol (I might make a GLMV no promises though )
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